What is a Community  Center? 

Texas Community Centers are units of local government. Each Center is governed by a Board of Trustees – public officials appointed by and accountable to the Center's sponsoring entity (or entities). Sponsoring entities include county commissioners and may also include cities, hospital districts, and/or school districts.

In accordance with state statutes, Centers strive to develop services for persons who have a serious and persistent mental illness or have intellectual and developmental disabilities, and may provide substance addiction services.

With this state charge, and in accordance with state law and its trustees' decisions, Centers may:

Provide services
Expand resources for their service areas
Manage resources for state and local government
Include the community in service assessment, planning, and evaluation
Provide leadership to the coordination of local mental health, intellectual and developmental disabilities, and substance addiction resources
Strive for "best value" in the expenditure of its public funds

In addition, Community Centers are subject to the same "open government" requirements as state government.


For more information about the Community Centers of Texas, please contact Lee Johnson at ljohnson@txcouncil.com



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